bottleD beers

Trumer  0.3 $8

Salzburg, Austria: Refreshing Pilsner with a hop flavor over the dry malt base and some lemon and floral touch

4.8% alcohol 


Zwickl  0.3 $8

Moos, Germany: Unfiltered Lager from Germany with an attractive, mildly toasted malt and barley aroma . Nice beer for warm summer nights

5.2% alcohol


Erdinger Dunkel (Dark)  0.5 $11

Erding, Germany: Dark brown wheat beer with taste of milk chocolate, wheat and coffee with a dry finish

4.9% alcohol


Erdinger alkoholfrei  0.5 $7

Erding, Germany: Non alcoholic wheat beer with a bit of elder juice and hopS taste. Very refreshing after sports.

0.5% alcohol



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