Apres beach drinks right from the ski hut

Vodka Feige  $9 

Shot of Vodka with fig juice and a fig


Vodka Bull  glass $9

Red Bull with Vodka


Flying Hirsch  glass $9

Red Bull with Jägermeister


Cuba Libre  Austrian version glass $9

Bacardi Rum with coke and lime juice


Amaretto Apfelsaft  glass $9

Amaretto with apple juice


43er mit Milch  glass $12

Vanilla Liquer 43 with milk on ice (cinnamon on top)


Gruene Wittwe  glass $12

Vodka, Blue Curacao with orange juice and lemon


Opening Hours

Monday – Sunday

11:30am - till late evening 


Happy Hour

2:30pm – 5:30pm

 9:00 pm  - till late evening


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13 The Strand

Dee Why Beach

2099 NSW

Phone 02 9981 1161