Schweinshaxn (GF) $36

Our Chef’s famous baked pork knuckle with roast

bacon onion potatoes and Sauerkraut


Schweinebauch (GF) $34

Slow baked pork belly with red cabbage, mashed potatoes and apple sauce


Bratwürstl (GF) $25

Original Nürnberger sausages on mash potato, mustard and sauerkraut


  Schwammerl Knödel (V) $25

Cheese, mushroom and spinach dumplings with sauerkraut

and creamy mushroom sauce



Meat Pie $25


Braised beef chunks in dark ale with onion, mushrooms, celery, carrots and potatoes


  Bauern schmaus for 2 people $79 

Tasting platter of roast pork, bratwürstl, kassler, schnitzel, pork knuckle with bread dumpling, gravy and sauerkraut 


Rinder Gulasch $25

Braised beef, onion, sweet paprika goulash with sautéed spätzle 


                                               Wurst Platte for 2 people $69

Sausage platter for two. cheese kransky, weisswurst, nürnberger bratwürstl,

Leberkäse and black pudding on potato mash, sauerkraut and mustards


                                                  Beef Steak $35 

250g yearling steak with sautéed vegetables, roast potatoes and 

creamy mushroom sauce


Fish and Chips $34

Beer battered barramundi fillet with beer battered chips and tartare sauce



Caesar Salat $17

Roma lettuce with bacon, parmesan, pretzel croutons and hard-boiled egg

add chicken Schnitzel bites $5 

  Prawn and Mango Salad $23


Rocket tossed with fresh herbs, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, shaved fennel and a balsamic vinaigrette

Summer Salad $23


    Lettuce tossed with poached chicken, haloumi, fresh pear, tomatoes, carrots, cucumber, cabbage and an apple cider vinaigrette

The Veggie Salad $23


Roast veggies and haloumi with fresh pear, cherry tomatoes, carrots, cucumber, cabbage and an apple cider vinaigrette.


  Prawn Pasta $25


Garlic and chili prawns tossed with rocket, preserved lemon on linguine pasta topped with grated parmesan cheese




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