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Bread and Soups

Laugenbrezen - Freshly baked pretzel 

Bauernbrot oder Kaiser Semmel - German rye bread or two warm Kaiser rolls (bun)

Langosh - Hungarian food specialty, a deep fried garlic f;at bread

Gulaschsuppe - Beef, onion and potato in sweet paprika gulasch soup


Something to start with or share


Emmentaler - Crumbed swiss cheese with cranberry sauce

Schinken-Kroketten - Homemade smoked ham and potato croquettes with aioli 

Gebackene Schwammerl - Bread crumbed button mushrooms with tartare sauce 

Trueffel Chips - Truffel potato chips with shaved parmesan and garlic mayo 

Caesar Salad - Roma salad with bacon, parmesan, pretzel croutons and hard-boiled egg 




Wiener Schnitzel - Traditional bread crumbed pork Vienna Schnitzel with potato onion salad and cranberry sauce 

Jaeger Schnitzel - Pork Schnitzel cooked in a mushroom, onion and bacon sauce with roast potatoes

Hawaii Schnitzel - Crumbed chicken Schnitzel gratinated with ham, pineapple and cheese served with chips


Pork Knuckel



Slow baked pork belly with red cabbage, mashed potatoes and applesauce.



Slow oven baked sirloin steak in an onion beef jus served with roast potato,

seasonal vegetables and topped with fried onion rings



Beef Roulade

Oven baked beef roulade filled with bacon, gherkin and onion served with red cabbage and potato dumpling



Cheese Spaetzle

Spaetzle are a traditional soft egg noodle dish mixed with swiss cheese, topped with fried onions and green side salad 



Pan seared Barramundi fillet with caramelized baby carrots and creamy mash



Orginal Nuernberger sausages on mash potato and Sauerkraut 


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Rinds Gulasch

Braised beef, onion, sweet paprika goulash with sautéed Spaetzle 



250g yearling steak with sautéed vegetables, roast potato and creamy mushroom sauce



Kids Meal

Crumbed Schnitzel with chips or mash

Nuernberger sausages with chips or mash 



Apfelstrudel - Homemade apple studel with whipped cream (add vanilla ice cream)



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